BIG Happy Changes!

With this new year, we changed the selections of fabrics we carry and they are going GREAT! We have completed our FIFTH year at our current location at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and will be moving next year! Just down the way, and so close we’ll be able to see our current booth. MOST exciting

Evolving as we Grow

As we rebuilt the workshop space and surveyed all which we had accumulated over the past five years of business, we decided that our dolls, to be unique and really speak to their craftsmanship, needed some upgrades. When we started, our focus was definitely on perfecting our craft at making unique, charming, one of a

Time to get working

Today starts out our Sort and Photograph push. Our goal is to have each Jester we have photograph and listed within a month’s time! Getting into the mojo of creating Jesters means that we have to put the mundane of the world aside – bills, chores, Honey Do’s- and allow the element of magic come

New Fabrics Offered!

Good day to all! We have added some NEW offerings in addition to the Hand Crafted Dolls which we will be listing after our selling Season at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival closes. Due to MANY inquiries at our shop, we have added the Hand Loomed fabrics which we carry in our booth to one of

Are these too fancy to be dolls?

Well, yes, they are fancy and hand-crafted. However, they are also very much dolls. Before the advent of pressed plastic molded dolls, all dolls were made by hand. Wooden dolls were carved, fabric dolls sown, and china dolls assembled from bisque parts, stuffed fabric, and them clothed over. The finer dolls were generally your more