Deep in the forests of forgotten times, in clearing ringed in stones where a magical fog dances on the grass at daybreak, is the well-worn throne of Munch, the King of Imps. Munch is a kindly king who takes great revels in his pleasure, and why not? For he is an Imp. And, as a King, he must have jesters to his court.

The sweet lyric tunes these jesters make fill his clearing and the woods around, making merry for all who pass by as the small whisper of sound in the woods, or the lively chirps of unseen birds, voice weaving in familiar tones. From time to time, the Imp King learns of those who need the solace and comfort of musical merriment in their soul and heart, and he adopts a jester to this mortal realm, to bring the lost and magical times with him to their special human.

You may think that leaving the Imp King’s court would make a jester sad, but it doesn’t. They live for the joy of their music and seeing how human react to it. An adopted jester knows it is loved and welcome into a new home, a home which needs the touch of magic and caress of music to liven hearts and restore memories of other magical times! For joy is what a jester brings and happiness spreads at the command of his King!