One thing we have been asked often since we opened the shop at Festival is if “Judy is back.” It has been, at times, a trying question to hear again. It brings up a tough point about becoming and taking on the Jester’s Court.

Judy is a gifted artist in her own right and created a wonderful thing with the Jesters. She put years of creativity and effort into them, and pleased many, many people. However, age does not bow to talent, nor to pleasure delivered and time eventually led her to retire. At that point, the craft of the Jester was also retired.

It was through luck and effort that we became the Jester’s Court. A new artistry to the dolls is emerged and again offers that pleasure and joy in a new interpretation of the art form and a new expression of creation. We chose not to let the Jesters go gently into that good night. A conscious effort was made to both preserve and renew the creation.

These are Jesters, but they are not Judy’s Jesters. They are Sean’s Jesters. A new hand guides the brush, a new pair of eyes watching the personality appear, and a new face gazes at them on their first moment of being.

While we too miss Judy and her own spunk and character, as well as her Jesters, we are proud to take our ownership of the new Jesters, our Jesters. It is our pleasure and joy to create them in a new generation and offer them to collectors old and new.

It is about the craft more than the crafter, the art more than the artist. In time, our palette will be retired and we can but hope that then someone else comes and says “I want to keep this going. May I?”