We are very much production mode and on our Facebook page we have some teaser pics! The jesters for 2013 will offer new looks and a continuation of our tradition. The hand-crafted excellence of a doll that is meant to be a keep sake and not a toss-away This past year we have learned that even a new born can appreciate the musical value of these unique dolls, as both of our boys love to hear the music play and will stare at the doll we put before them for long period (it was tempting to say hours).

We have also added some of the fabrics we used to sell at another location at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival! It took some looking to find them but we are happy and proud to be offering them through our website! We are only starting with a small base variety and will let it grow over time if there is an interest and a demand. This will not dilute our work on our jesters and we see this as a chance to re-offer what people have told us for two years they miss seeing.