Well, yes, they are fancy and hand-crafted. However, they are also very much dolls. Before the advent of pressed plastic molded dolls, all dolls were made by hand. Wooden dolls were carved, fabric dolls sown, and china dolls assembled from bisque parts, stuffed fabric, and them clothed over. The finer dolls were generally your more “intimate” doll, the sort you talked to, had tea parties with, and one who patiently waited at home for you divulge your secrets. Even young gentlemen would have toy dolls, soldierly and masculine, with whom to play and share their adventures. One needs look no further than “Calvin and Hobbes” to see the truth of that.

Our dolls are art works. They are meant to be sentimental, collectible and, yes, unusual in our modern day of disposable living. If Barbie loses an arm, or your American Girl outfit is ruined, you simply get another one and resume playing. Ten years later, most children can name few toys or gifts given and rarely from whom they got it. Our Jesters are intended to be something you remember who you got it from, or when you got it. They are sentiment and they are old-fashioned.

Both the painter and the tailor are, at heart, sentimental fools who hold on to items of cherished memory and personal value, even though age and wear betray them. An old jacket, a worn toy, a faded ticket stub, a dog eared photo. Today is world of updates, apps, and blurred memories. We hope to give you something that becomes a firm memory resulting in fond smiles and that inner glow which comes from the magic of reminiscing.