Today starts out our Sort and Photograph push. Our goal is to have each Jester we have photograph and listed within a month’s time!
Getting into the mojo of creating Jesters means that we have to put the mundane of the world aside – bills, chores, Honey Do’s- and allow the element of magic come forth which creates the beauty of our dolls.
Not every doll is created to be a lovely little shelf decoration. We have Jesters with humor in their making – the political ones which play “If I only had a brain” as an example, while others offer something to think on – like the wounded warrior we made last year.
But whether whimsical or treasured, each goes through the same process of emerging from the nothing of parts into the whole of an adorable being. It is not a far reach to say that we are invested in each item we craft. Our hands and heart touch them and make them be.
We hope that, as we add offerings, you will find them enjoyable as well!