As we rebuilt the workshop space and surveyed all which we had accumulated over the past five years of business, we decided that our dolls, to be unique and really speak to their craftsmanship, needed some upgrades. When we started, our focus was definitely on perfecting our craft at making unique, charming, one of a kind dolls. Over time, we added more expression of our own and zombies were created, Death grew beyond the mass “Grim Reaper” of years past, and our music became more varied.
When it came to our clothing, we were “blessed” with getting a large quantity of material with the business. However, now it is time to grow that selection. In the coming year, I, the tailor Nikita, will be focusing on greater variety, more depth of choices, and higher end fabrics. Much of the initial selection which we inherited was broad-cloth and novelty prints.
Over our next year, we will be moving toward suiting quality wools, silks, satins and other exciting and finer fabrics. We look forward to developing this as an increased look and value to the Jesters, reflecting our enjoyment at creating and offering them.