So far this year, our time at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival has been great. We are seeing many old friends, and making many new friends. It is really a pleasure when a “collector” stops in to add a Jester to their family, or a new patron arrives and falls in love with one of our Music Box dolls. The time spent hand-painting, sewing and assembly is completely rewarded with the joy of someone adopting one of our “children.”

This past weekend I had the greatest pleasure of preparing one of our musical dolls to go home with a young lady who had spent some time looking over the face and outfits and listening to the tunes before she picked “the One” that she wanted. As a placed her new friend in our plastic case and explained that if anything happened, we would take care of repairing her, I was watched most intently. I carefully placed her new friend into a bag for her to carry and she clutched against her chest.

I know that our Jester went home to be loved, to give music and to be appreciated. That is the magic of what we make and do. For each person who freaks out and calls our dolls “creepy” there are four people who appreciate the charm we put into each one. There is no short cut to making something which we can, with joy, put forward and offer. Dolls have been reworked, outfits destroyed, faces not up the mark. For each hand-crafted item we put forward has our heart in it- from the wooden boxes tooled to hold the music movement, to the outfit stitched together in the correct combination for the face, to the face- sketched and painted with great affection. The finished product is when we see the personality of the Jester, which is really when we know we have created something good!